Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Sources of Significance: Worldly Rejuvenation and Neo-Stoic Heroism

Winner: 2011 Best Book Award from National Communication Association's Philosophy of Communication Division

"...extending some important strains of his previous award-winning work, Selfhood and Authenticity (2001)...Anton breaks new ground by bringing the works of Ernest Becker, Kenneth Burke and Hans Jonas into resolute dialog, allowing each to interpret and extend the other. What emerges is a truly original perspective, emphasizing the universality in human affairs of 'natural guilt' and the various avenues provided by culture for its expiation." --Daniel Liechty, Illinois State University, is Vice President of The Ernest Becker Foundation

"Deluding ourselves as self-made, denying death by ritual or cultural means (today by accumulating money and things), we fail to recognize the sources of our being and therefore to live graciously.. . Like Stoics whose physics and metaphysics were hardly incidental to their ethics, Anton ontologically grounds this diagnosis in logos and the cosmos before moving to his ethical prescriptions." --Richard H. Thames, Duquesne University, associate professor in Communication and Rhetorical Studies

"Corey Anton is an intellectual everyman, and everyman's intellectual. His tours through the familiar always yield the unexpected, and his journeys to the esoteric end up feeling like long voyages home." --Douglas Rushkoff, author, Life Inc., Media Virus!, and Program or Be Programmed


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