Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dreamless Sleep and the Whole of Life (Article & Utube)

Might the Whole of You be Other than You Think?

"What is continuous across the states of being awake, dreaming, and sleeping is not some inner self, nor some super-ordinary transcendental “I,” but the larger living event of which awakeness is the partial moment. Awake I am an individuated whole who is part of a whole, and yet, as someone who necessarily already has slept, I am only on the condition of having been indistinguishable from the whole. This is possible because the whole in question is that absolute whole of all wholes, that partless whole, the undifferentiated. To deny that I am part of that whole which nevertheless also is the whole of who I am is to deny the meaning of dreamless sleep," (Anton, 2006, p. 197).

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